Wavy H20 Steps Up, Signs to Rocklan One Music Group

Wavy H20 and his new radio show Wavy's Diner

The National Collegiate Entertainers Group and Rocklan One Music Group is proud to announce the signing of DJ, Curator, and Entertainer, Wavy H2O, to an exclusive entertainment deal. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Wavy H2O's career and opens up new opportunities for his music and artistic ventures.

Wavy H2O, a graduate of Dutchtown High School and a member of NCEG, has quickly made a name for himself in the music industry. His passion for music, combined with his talent and dedication, has caught the attention of industry professionals.

Wavy H2O has established himself as an influential figure in the music scene through his significant experience as the Head of Audio and later as the President of the Georgia State Chapter of NCEG. Additionally, his successful curation and DJing of the NCEGLand Festival, which featured acclaimed artists such as JayActivist, KhalilFann, and JunoCentral, further solidified his impact on the industry.

The partnership between Wavy H2O and Rocklan One Music Group brings together the creative vision of both parties. Under this exclusive deal, Wavy H2O will continue to develop his unique sound as a producer, artist, DJ, and engineer, while also exploring new avenues for growth and collaboration.

Rocklan One Music Group, founded by Greg "Rock" Glaze, is known for its commitment to nurturing emerging talent and creating opportunities for artists to excel. This partnership reflects the shared values and vision of both Wavy H2O and Rocklan One Music Group, and their mutual dedication to pushing boundaries and evolving the music industry.

"We are thrilled to welcome Wavy H2O to the Rocklan One Music Group family," said Greg "Rock" Glaze, CEO of Rocklan One Music Group. "His eclectic style, passion for music, and dedication to his craft align perfectly with our mission of supporting and showcasing exceptional talent. We look forward to working together and bringing Wavy H2O's unique sound to new audiences."

Wavy H2O's signing with Rocklan One Music Group represents a significant milestone in his career not just for himself, but for the National Collegiate Entertainers Group as well. He joins a growing list of members being signed into record label deals with other notable alumni such as Kenny Mason (signed with RCA Record) and Jazzy Tha Rapper (signed in a distribution deal with MTM Standard).

For more information on Wavy H2O and his upcoming projects, visit his official website at wavyh2o.com.

About Rocklan One Music Group

Rocklan One Music Group is a forward-thinking record label and entertainment company that aims to elevate emerging talent and create innovative music experiences. Founded by Greg "Rock" Glaze, Rocklan One Music Group focuses on artist development, curation, and collaboration, with a commitment to pushing boundaries being “The Foundation of the New Industry”. Learn more at rocklanone.com.

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