NCEG Partners with Bass Parlour for Student Music Collaboration

NCEG Partners with Bass Parlour for Student Music Collaboration

NCEG is very excited to partner with Bass Parlour for the month of April on a student collaboration contest!

Bass Parlour is an online music community that connects musicians worldwide, has live music training classes, and music collaboration contests. Having our students utilizing new technology, and keeping up to date with technological trends, is crucial to our program. 

Bass Parlour was created by Darryl Stephens in 2018 with independent music showcases taking place in Washington D.C. and Atlanta. These showcases started out as open to all artists to play their music and receiving feedback from their fellow artists, but later became mashups pairing artists together to create a song within 90 minutes. Since then, Bass Parlour has created a tight-knit community of independent artists. 

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of music, collaboration is an essential ingredient for success. Whether you're a musician, songwriter, or producer, working collaboratively with others can take your craft to new heights and open doors to unimaginable possibilities. 

By embracing collaboration, you become part of a vibrant ecosystem that not only amplifies your creativity, but also propels your career forward. At NCEG, we are building a future where collaboration is the driving force behind innovation and excellence in the music industry.

You all can enter the contest on the Bass Parlour App, and the deadline is April 12th. The winner will get a $50 Guitar Center gift card, and a spot on the Bass Parlour Mashup series on Youtube! 

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