NCEG and Shaking The Culture Forge Strategic Partnership to Empower Students and Artists

NCEG and Shaking The Culture Forge Strategic Partnership to Empower Students and Artists

The National Collegiate Entertainer Group (NCEG) is proud to announce a transformative partnership with Shaking The Culture, a pioneering podcast based in Atlanta dedicated to amplifying influential voices in music, entertainment, and culture. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step towards providing invaluable opportunities for students and enriching the training experiences of emerging artists within the NCEG community.

Under this partnership, NCEG and Shaking The Culture will deploy "campus correspondents" across every school within NCEG chapters. These correspondents, selected with the assistance of NCEG, will serve as the bridge between the podcast and the student body, fostering engagement, and representing Shaking The Culture's mission within their college communities.

Selected candidates endorsed by NCEG will gain access to exclusive events such as movie premieres, concerts, and industry conferences, along with opportunities to interview high-profile artists, music executives, and other influential figures. They will also benefit from specialized training sessions and workshops hosted by Shaking The Culture, aimed at honing skills in journalism, media production, and digital marketing.

"This partnership between NCEG and Shaking The Culture signifies a commitment to nurturing the next generation of media professionals and artists," said Dasha Ware, CMO at NCEG. "By leveraging our respective strengths, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem where students and emerging artists can thrive, innovate, and make meaningful contributions to the cultural landscape."

Furthermore, this partnership will provide participating artists with mentorship, practical advice, and hands-on support experience, empowering them with the knowledge and inspiration needed to thrive in the media and entertainment space.

Internship opportunities will also be available for NCEG members, contributing to the organization of the 4th annual Shaking The Culture Festival, scheduled for September. This festival, a hallmark event for both organizations, serves as a platform to celebrate diverse voices and talents while fostering collaboration and creativity.

The NCEG Founder, Derek Jackson states, "We are honored to join forces with Shaking The Culture to empower students and artists across Georgia," "Together, we will provide unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration, ultimately shaping the future of media and entertainment."

For media inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact To Donate, visit here.

About Shaking The Culture: 

Shaking The Culture is an Atlanta-based podcast dedicated to highlighting influential voices in music, entertainment, and culture. Through engaging interviews, insightful discussions, and exclusive events, Shaking The Culture celebrates diversity and creativity in the media landscape.

About NCEG: 

The National Collegiate Entertainment Group (NCEG) is a leading organization dedicated to empowering students interested in the music and entertainment industry. With chapters across colleges and universities, NCEG provides networking opportunities, professional development resources, and hands-on experiences to aspiring artists and media professionals.

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